The concept of WhiteHat SEO Strategy

The concept of WhiteHat SEO Strategy

The main purpose and aim of the whitehat SEO strategy is to generate organic traffic to your site. This strategy strictly follows the keyword density and other limitations. So, when your website flows with natural traffic, then you are likely to make more profit. Also this strategy does not inspire the search engine robot with spammy content.

Some organic/whitehat strategies that can improve your site ranking are:


Article submissions falls in the whitehat seo strategy because, through this technique you can generate good traffic. This strategy turns successful only when your content is organic and natural. The keyword inclusion in the content should be carefully handled. Once your content is ready, you should find some top directories and submit your article. There are some article submission directories like ezine and articlebase where you can meet lots of customers from United States. So, submitting quality articles in quality sites will improve your ranking drastically.

For every submission, you will be allowed to post your domain link at the resource box. This method is called backlinking. If the audience feel that your content is worthy and problem solving one, they will reach your site and purchase your product.

Exchange quality links:

You can choose sites that are close to your business and exchange links with them. But, the site you choose to post link should be visited by more customers. Only then your site will get more hits through the links created through that particular site.


Blog posting is also widely chosen to create organic traffic. You can either use your own blog or use other blogs to post your content. Blogs work similar to that of article writing. After every blog post, you will be given a chance to include your URL. So, if your content is convincing to the audience, then your site will get more hits through blogs.

Forum sites

Forum sites also fall under white hat strategy. Here also you can meet genuine people. So, by including your link in forum sites and participating in forum discussions, you are assured for organic traffic to your site.

Many entrepreneurs are using the whitehat SEO strategy to gain higher rankings in search engines. The intention of using this strategy is to drive more traffic by getting higher ranking and impress the readers through your catchy content. People who have used the white hat strategies have successfully caught the first page of the search engine results.

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